The Complete Origami Christmas Sweater Collection

Origami and Christmas blended make for an excellent combination. You may need some inspiration for ugly Christmas Sweater ideas. Some 80s or 90s fashion styles are just for fun. Origami shapes that stick on sweaters with velcro. Origami garlands, wreaths, and Christmas trees. This may include stars and even Angels as well. These can be made temporarily with paper or created and sewn with fabric to resemble origami. You can get pre-made cut-outs or make them from scratch.

DIY origami cutouts

Large Dot of Contentment DIY Party Supplies has Ugly Christmas Sweater ideas with origami. Holiday and Christmas Paper Cut-Outs: There is 24 paper die cuts in four distinct sweater shapes that make up the Ugly Sweater-shaped cut-outs, which go with the theme of the party. Twenty-four sweater shapes in a set. Six red gingerbread sweater paper die cuts (2.75″ x 2.5″), six reindeer sweater paper die cuts (2.75″ …