UK’s Top Fashion Brands with Good Customer Reviews

A lot of money is generated from the fashion industry every year. For a business, especially fashion inclined one that is based online to succeed, it needs to have good reviews from its customers to encourage potential customers to do business with them.

People who shop online for their clothes and fashion accessories depend on the reviews of other customers to make the right decisions on which company to buy from. This is the reason why most companies who sell fashion accessories try as much as possible to maintain a good image and satisfy their customers and some of these companies include:

1. Nike:

Nike is arguably the number one fashion brand in the UK and also around the world. They are known as one of thos e fashion websites that is always busy with getting orders from customers. Before they were only known to sell shoes before they expanded to sports and fashion accessories, and since then they have grown to become one of the most famous fashion brands in the UK with positive reviews from their customers.

2. Puma:

Puma is another fashion brand that has positive reviews from its customers. Puma even suggests styles to teach their customers how to look good. They are based mainly on producing shoes and their shoes are one of the best as it is one of the shoe companies that supply shoes to football clubs in the UK.

Puma shoes are durable, and their prices are worth it. Customer reviews show that their customer service is top-notch and is reliable. For Puma, there are no hidden fees, so they are transparent in their services, unlike some other fashion brands that have hidden fees attached to their products.

3. Adidas:

Some people said that Adidas is second to Nike but the only thing that is generally known by the customers of this fashion brand is their reliability in their services and delivery.

According to their customers, they’re satisfied with the way their customer support and service attend to customers. And also, Adidas is one of the most famous fashion brands in the world including the UK, and they are one of the brands that sponsor the footwear of top European clubs.

4. Reiss:

Reiss is a top brand in the UK that is in the fashion industry. This brand has gathered a lot of positive reviews because its products are affordable and durable. Reiss is loved by many Britons because their products are not overrated, that is their product is worth their price.

They are known for being transparent in their services and so there are no hidden fees.

5. Marks And Spencer:

Mark and Spencer have worn a lot of customers to their side because of their good services. This £5 billion fashion brand’s customer service is top-notch as rated by their customers and they offer huge discounts when customers buy in bulk and sometimes in bits.


In today’s market, the customer’s opinion always has an impact on a business. Especially for online stores, every fashion brand tries as much as possible to satisfy customers so that they can get positive reviews from them. So, the fashion brands mentioned above are among those that have positive reviews from their customers and one can buy from them without fear of making the wrong choice.