The Extraordinary Features oftheMinnie Costumes for Children

The best thing about Disney costumes is they can cater to everyone out there, like teens, kids, babies, and adults. There is something magical about the characters of Disney that never fails to fetch joy and enchantment to all the ages. Actually, the fact is everyone has grown up having likes of Mickey, Peter Pan, and Minnie and one of the reasons for the enduring admiration of Disney getups is everyone can recognize the characters well. There is a huge popularity of Disney costumes as most of the people are acquainted with these stories.

Hence, when you look at Minnie, you will soon identify her to be Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend who appeared in the Plane Crazy along with Mickey. As Minnie is sweet in nature, beautiful, and fun-loving, so, Minnie costumes are found with a red or pink polka-dotted bow. As the character, Minnie’s hobbies are gardening, dancing, cooking, music, shopping, fashion, plus spending lots of time with Mickey, so it looks extraordinary when the cute little girls wear the signature pink outfit of Minnie. This costume gets decorated with shimmering polka dots, bow brooch, and a white satin trim that features a bow print.

The appearance of Minnie Mouse

The trademark outfit of Minnie is commonly a dress that shows her lacy white bloomers with a huge bow plus high-heel shoes that come in only one color. Similar to Goofy and Mickey, Minnie too wears white gloves to look fashionable. At times, her outfit turns out to be blue too with shoes and pink bow. In the previous cartoons, she did wear a hat having a flower instead of a bow. In a few cartoons, Minnie remains shirtless, but she has only one dress, bloomers, high heel shoes, and a bow.

When you buy Minnie costume from a reputed clothing wholesaler, then you will find costumes at a reasonable price and they remain available round-the-clock. However, you have to follow some rules when you wish to bag an excellent bargain. When you are a starter, then you shouldn’t ever buy a character’s costume which has taken the film world by storm. In place of that, you must opt for a costume which is nearly some seasons old. In this way, you will be able to bag an improved rate. When you do not mind having an antiquated look, then you might get surprising costs for a few long-forgotten characters.

The content of the costume set

The costume set contains the following:

  • Genuine costume.
  • Comprises costume as well as matching gloves.
  • Petite sequin and metallic bodice having organza overlay.
  • Collar in white satin.
  • Puffed satin sleeves having elastic cuffs and shimmery polka dots.
  • Stretch fabric for a comfy fit.
  • Satin beltline having a bow.
  • Top skirt in shimmering organza and ruched detailing.
  • Scalloped hem which is trimmed in white satin.
  • White acetate 4th layer
  • White tulle 3rd
  • Pink satin 2nd
  • Comprises a pair of stretchable Minnie gloves with bow trim in satin.

It is always advised to buy only from the trustworthy clothing wholesaler as it will propose the best selection of Minnie costumes besides costume related items at the possibly low prices. Along with this, you will come across a huge selection too.